Welcome to paradise

We at Khanom Villas are a relatively new business that pride itself on providing a stress free, quality stay, in this quiet and beautiful region of Southern Thailand. We are a Thai/English family with a good knowledge of Khanom and the surrounding area.

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Staying at Khanom Villas offers many choices, maybe a relaxing day by the pool or a relaxing drink in the bar, alternatively, you may decide on an epic adventure in the surrounding national parks, perhaps the monkey training school or a day out to sea on a long tailed boat spotting the infamous pink dolphins. 

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Just five minutes away are the beautiful white sandy beaches of Khanom with beautiful views of Kho Samui just across the water. On the beach there are numerous bars and restaurants serving authentic Thai or European food.

The Don Sak ferry port to Kho Samui & Kho Phangan is just 20 minutes away. Transfers can be arranged.

One thing you can be sure of, we, at Khanom Villas, will do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your stay!

Please be aware, we have five dogs, 3 Chihuahuas and two Lurchers.

We look forward to welcoming you……

Khanom pink dolphins. Plālomā s̄īchmphū (How an English person might say it…. Pla Loma Si Shampoo (Literal translation: Fish Dolphin colour pink))

When I say welcome to paradise, I know the term paradise is a very subjective thing. I came to Khanom to visit family two years ago. Within hours of arriving we were searching out land for sale. I guess the next thing people say is…. " and the rest is history". I have since spoken to many many people who instantly fallen in love with Khanom. Many just moved here others set up businesses here.

Local beach and fishing village

Please note: Khanom is currently a very quiet, peaceful place. No doubt this will change soon. If you are looking for a lively holiday then maybe Kho Samui is more for you. If I can pass on the benefit of my experience, many people have told us that they appreciated the liveliness of Kho Samui but it was just too much. Our highly biased suggestion would be to consider two or three days on Kho Samui and the rest of your time in Khanom. If you are staying with us and retuning to Khanom Villas we will happily look after your excess baggage while you make your trip to the islands.

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